Behind a Sunflower

A beautiful sunflower….from behind. Showing strength and beauty.

Black and White Legs in Heels 2

Black and White legs in high heels, playfully rested agaisnt a window. Sexy yet simple.

Black and White Legs in Heels

Legs in High Heels resting against a wall……Simple yet Sexy.

Legs on a Window

Who is she? this lady on the window…..Maybe she’s waiting for someone? High heels make her legs look amazing and the black and white make this image simple yet intriguing.

Rainbow Dandelion

Up close and personal with a beautiful dandelion.

Pollen in a Pale Pink Lily

Pollen in a Pale Pink Lily. The detail of the pollen inside a pale pink lily. So simple, so beautiful. 

Angel of the North

We all feel like we own some small part of her, as we drive up or down the A1 motorway and she comes into view, we know we’re almost home. She welcomes us, arms open wide….She is Our Angel. 

Subtle Body Art

Simple and subtle body art. Black and White to give a simpler effect. Shadowed and revealing the female form.

Inner Beauty

A pale green Daisy revealing it’s inner beauty. I love how subtle this flower is.

Pollen in a Pink Lily

This close shot captures the inner beauty of a Pink Lily.