About Helen

20-5aSome people may see me as a bit eccentric. Falling in love at fourteen years old and still being with the same wonderful man twenty three years on is pretty unusual in this day and age, I guess. My love of brogues definitely divides opinion. Having five gorgeous daughters who all bring me joy and frustration in almost equal measure does set me apart. People definitely think I have a quirky take on the world. That’s fine. That is who I am. To me, I’m completely normal. I love being an individual. I have never followed the crowd.

I know what I like and don’t like. I always have. I wear what I like. I go where I like. I read, watch and listen to what I like. And I am honest. Very honest. I will tell you exactly what I think. Being kept busy with five young girls, I used to keep myself to myself. When my youngest started Nursery, I knew deep down it was time to rediscover who I was. Having always loved singing, I joined a choir and for the first time, had the confidence to sing with 300 others in front of people in the Sage Gateshead (one of my most favourite places in the world). When in Paris with the choir, I took my first ‘proper’ shots, opening my horizons to a whole new world of possibilities.

My friends and I have grown together. We know how to disagree (on most things) and still love each other. We celebrate each other as the individuals we are and challenge each other to grow in our creativity. We have helped each other discover ‘our thing’ and given each other the courage to dream.

I love my life. I am surrounded by the people I love. I get to take my camera out wherever I choose to go and capture the world the way I see it. I am now just about ready to share my take on the world with you all. It’s scary but very exciting. It is time.

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