Behind a Sunflower

A beautiful sunflower….from behind. Showing strength and beauty.

Behind a Sunflower II

A sunflower turning away from the camera, almost as if she’s shy……..

Angel of the North Buttercups

The Angel of the North on a beautiful sunny day, with buttercups blowing in the breeze.

Dandelion Seeds

So delicate and pretty. Individual Dandelion seeds on a mirror. Make a wish.

Rainbow Dandelion

Up close and personal with a beautiful dandelion.

A Lily looking to the Sky

Taken from below, a Lily glowing in the midday sun. 

Lily reaching for the Sky

A pure white Lily basking in the bright sunshine.

White Lily

A White Lily revealing the inner beauty, pollen so crisp you can almost smell it.

Cherry Blossom

Delicate Cherry Blossom, the ulimate sign that Summer is on the way.

Pale Pink Lily

Pale Pink Lily. So pale and delicate, beauty this simple needs few words.