Black and White Legs in Heels 2

Black and White legs in high heels, playfully rested agaisnt a window. Sexy yet simple.

Black and White Legs in Heels

Legs in High Heels resting against a wall……Simple yet Sexy.

Legs on a Window

Who is she? this lady on the window…..Maybe she’s waiting for someone? High heels make her legs look amazing and the black and white make this image simple yet intriguing.

Look into my Soul

Black and White close up of a beautiful eye. Eyes seems to tell a story, what does it say to you?

Mono Newcastle Gateshead Quayside

Pure and striking, the Newcastle and Gateshead Quayside in Black and White. 

Hidden Treasure Poppy

The last standing poppy. Converted to black and white. 

Angel of the North

Even on the dullest of days our Angel looks beautiful.

Angel of the North

The Angel of the North standing proud on a dull day.

By The Light Of The Moon

A lone figure on Tynemouth beach, lit by the light of the moon. Converted to black and white. 

Vibrant Pink Fuchsia

Such a vibrant yet delicate flower, we call them ‘Fairy Dancers’ in our house. The colour drained leaving just the beautiful flower to shine.