Angel of the North Sunset

The Angel of the North as the sun sets the day after the Supermoon. Beautiful colours lit up the sky.

Sunny Saltwell Park

Crossing over the dene in Saltwell Park Gateshead, the sun perfectly sitting, lighting the way. Such a pretty part of the park. The trees framing the bridge just add to it.

Angel of the North

We all feel like we own some small part of her, as we drive up or down the A1 motorway and she comes into view, we know we’re almost home. She welcomes us, arms open wide….She is Our Angel. 

Golden Glow over the Tyne

The sun was just setting over the River Tyne and The Tyne bridge is still showing signs of the recent Great North Run.

Vibrant Orange Gerbera

A vibrant orange Gerbera set against a bright white background. This could bring summer to any season.

Sunrise over the A1 Motorway

From a walkway over the A1 Southbound. This sunrise and the early morning commuters. This really was worth getting out of bed for.

Carefree Skipping in the Woods

My child skipping carefree in the woods. A reminder of the freedom that comes with youth. With bright and vibrant Autumn colours .