Behind a Sunflower

A beautiful sunflower….from behind. Showing strength and beauty.

Look into my Soul

Black and White close up of a beautiful eye. Eyes seems to tell a story, what does it say to you?

White Lily

A White Lily revealing the inner beauty, pollen so crisp you can almost smell it.

Pale Pink Lily

Pale Pink Lily. So pale and delicate, beauty this simple needs few words. 

Detailed Pale Pink Lily

Delicate pale Pink Lily. Trying to capture the detail but not take away from how delicate and beautiful this lily is. The pale pink seems so calm to me. 

Pollen in a Pale Pink Lily

Pollen in a Pale Pink Lily. The detail of the pollen inside a pale pink lily. So simple, so beautiful. 

Beautiful Pink Lily

A close up of a beautiful Pink Lily. Showing the detail of the pollen.

Pollen in a Pink Lily

This close shot captures the inner beauty of a Pink Lily.

Reflections of a Pink Lily

A beautiful pink lily caught in the mirror. Love the reflection, double the beauty.

Purple Zoom Burst Dandelion

Dandelions are so beautiful and delicate. This shot has been given the zoom burst effect and a hint of colour to add the WOW factor.