Behind a Sunflower

A beautiful sunflower….from behind. Showing strength and beauty.

Rainbow Dandelion

Up close and personal with a beautiful dandelion.

Cherry Blossom

Delicate Cherry Blossom, the ulimate sign that Summer is on the way.

Pale Pink Lily

Pale Pink Lily. So pale and delicate, beauty this simple needs few words. 

Detailed Pale Pink Lily

Delicate pale Pink Lily. Trying to capture the detail but not take away from how delicate and beautiful this lily is. The pale pink seems so calm to me. 

Pollen in a Pale Pink Lily

Pollen in a Pale Pink Lily. The detail of the pollen inside a pale pink lily. So simple, so beautiful. 

Vibrant Pink Fuchsia

Such a vibrant yet delicate flower, we call them ‘Fairy Dancers’ in our house. The colour drained leaving just the beautiful flower to shine. 

Inner Beauty

A pale green Daisy revealing it’s inner beauty. I love how subtle this flower is.

Reflections of a Lily

A beautiful white Lily reflected in a mirror. Against a pale blue backdrop.